ProLCCA offers two license options depending on the size of your company or organization. Both license options include the same features and level of support.

  • A Single User License should be purchased for a small organization that will only require ProLCCA to be used by one individual.
  • An Organization License should be purchased for a large organization that may require multiple users to access ProLCCA. Up to ten user accounts can be created under this license. All users must be registered under the same organizational domain. They will share and manage the same pay item databases.
The license options and pricing are below:
Single User License Organizational License
Number of Users 1 user Up to 10 users[1]
Price $600/year $2500/year

[1]: Accounts must be registered under the same domain.

Please contact us directly at if you are interested in developing a customized version of ProLCCA for your organization.


If you have questions, please email us at

You may use your non-personal email, to access a trial version for two weeks.