About ProLCCA

ProLCCA is a life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) tool that can be used to estimate the total cost of transportation infrastructure investments over their entire life-cycle from cradle to grave. To learn more about LCCA, click here.

The Software

ProLCCA is an online tool that will consolidate your LCCA reports in one cloud-based environment. Instead of keeping tracking of spreadsheets for each project, you can use ProLCCA to store your analyses in one accessible web platform.

With ProLCCA, you can manage a private (or shared with the organizational license) database of pay items that can be reused, updated, and customized for a variety of projects. A project can analyze up to five alternative designs, each with a unique set of pay items and associated costs for initial and future investments.

Various Types of Infrastructure

ProLCCA is capable of analyzing various types of infrastructure projects, including Airfields, Roadways, Streets, and Parking Lots. In addition, an "Other" type is provided for miscellaneous projects that do not fit into these categories. In upcoming versions of ProLCCA, specific project user costs will be calculated based on the infrastructure types.

Probabilistic Analysis

A basic LCCA analysis typically only considers the most likely cost of each project activity. This method results in one final LCCA outcome, which is actually subject to significant variability due to the consider of future investment costs.

ProLCCA calculates both deterministic and probabilistic outcomes for LCCA. A probabilistic result will instead provide a range of likely values for the final LCCA outcome. This means that users will not only see that Alternative 1 has a higher likely cost than Alternative 2, but further that there is a 80% change that Alternative 1 will prove to be more costly than Alternative 2. The additional insight from probabilistic analyses is invaluable in decision making.

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