Standard pay-items as building blocks for easy implementation

General Project Inputs

To begin an analysis, the user first provides general information about the project. This includes information such as project name, year of construction, analysis period, discount rate, variable costs (e.g., maintenance of traffic, design, and administration), and roadway dimensions.

Enter Alternative Designs

After entering general project information, the user may enter up to five alternative designs. For each alternative, the user specifies the design life, a rehabilitation schedule, and the expected life at last rehabilitation.

Project side menu

Populate Pay Items

The rehabilitation schedule includes pay-items for each year at which a rehabilitation activity (e.g., overlay) is performed. These pay-items are selected from the user’s own ProLCCA pay item databases. Users may easily upload and manage their customized pay-items database in ProLCCA.

Pay Items database


Using the principles of LCCA, ProLCCA is able to calculate a present worth value for each alternative design of a project by incorporating a discount rate in costs of future construction activities. This allows for an equivalent point of comparison and a more holistic perspective of the life-cycle costs of an alternative design.

Deterministic Results in Net Present Value alternative comparison

ProLCCA presents both deterministic and probabilistic results. By considering uncertainties in the latter, ProLCCA is able to provide a more confident range of expected values for the cost of a project instead of simply one average number.


ProLCCA is a commercial product with two license options available for your specific needs. Please register using your non-personal email, to access a trial version for two weeks and learn more about available licensing options.