A web-based tool to analyze the cost of transportation investments from start to finish

The Need

State and local transportation agencies need to make the best use of their budgets for roadway construction and rehabilitation projects. In order to do so, agencies need to consider life-cycle economics, which not only consider initial construction costs, but also costs for future rehabilitation efforts throughout the project’s life-cycle.

construction of asphalt road

What is ProLCCA?

ProLCCA is a commercial web-based life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) tool, developed by TEST, Inc., designed to aid state and local transportation agencies in choosing the most economical design for new roadway construction or rehabilitation projects.

Engineers can easily login to their secure online accounts to enter project and user information, pay items, and LCCA parameters to produce a streamlined LCCA report in minutes. ProLCCA compares the life-cycle costs for up to five alternatives. In addition, the probabilities of cost savings for a project against other alternatives are provided.

Pro LCCA Login screen

Why ProLCCA?

ProLCCA is a unique customized tool to fit your needs. TEST can work with agencies and engineers to tailor the LCCA to the requirements and characteristics of specific jurisdiction. This may include storing agency-specific pay item databases, user cost parameters and models, estimating methodologies or even design procedures to streamline the use of LCCA and ultimately provide more complete information for decision-makers to initiate effective transportation infrastructure investments. ProLCCA is fully supported by the TEST’s team of transportation experts.