Why ProLCCA?

ProLCCA is a unique customized tool to fit your needs. TEST can work with agencies and engineers to tailor the LCCA to the requirements and characteristics of specific jurisdiction. This may include storing agency-specific pay item databases, user cost parameters and models, estimating methodologies or even design procedures to streamline the use of LCCA and ultimately provide more complete information for decision-makers to initiate effective transportation infrastructure investments. ProLCCA is fully supported by the TEST’s team of transportation experts.

ProLCCA Features

Pay Items
Based on the building blocks you already use.
Easily accessible. On the cloud. Secure login.
Store all information for your projects in one place.
User Friendly
Easy to use. Priority email support for all subscribers.
Collaborate with a team. Share projects and pay items. Click here for pricing options.
Probabilistic Results
Add confidence to decision making with statistical analysis.

The Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Process

Various alternative construction designs can be considered. The costs associated with engineering and administration costs can be estimated as a percentage of the pay items used.
Minor repairs and maintenance occur thorough the life of the pavement. The frequency and type depend on the initial infrastructure design.
Construction includes all upfront, initial capital costs of the agency. Costs for maintenance of traffic is also be included.
The use of the infrastructure consists main of costs to the user (e.g., vehicle operating costs for roadways).
The infrastructure will need to be rehabilitated periodically through its lifespan to restore functionality. The frequency and type can vary.
Salvage Value
If the infrastructure remains at the end-of-life, it will be credited a salvage value depending on its expected remaining life.
To learn more about LCCA, click here.